Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colors in my Mind...

There have been times, recently, when I ALMOST went up to the cabin, got my things, and went outside to paint something. Anything. But I didn't. I always had an excuse: too hot, damp isn't good for the paper and it spots  the chalk, I'm too tired, I have something more pressing to do. RUBBISH! Rubbish, I say! Truth, here? I'm scared I can't paint.

It has been so long since I actually did any "flat work" that I'm afraid I won't remember how. Now, that just makes so much sense... Don't paint because it has been a long time and you are afraid you won't be as good as you were, making it even longer, and then don't paint because it has been a REALLY longtime... and you know you are not any good. That sort of thinking makes it worse, makes you even MORE afraid. Of WHAT ???

So what if you aren't any good? Has that ever stopped you with clay? No. Are there "Pastel Police" who will come and revoke your Artistic License? No. You can always burn the paper if you don't like what you've done... isn't that why you have a Burn Barrel? For trash? You don't have to keep anything you don't like! So go outside and make some art. If you have fun, do it again.... you just might surprise someone.

Thanks for listening to the rant.